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I LOVE Kerri! 

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Highland Cattle

Each ranch pet is given the best love and the best care per your special instructions. Kerri has experience providing care for equines, donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, and pigs. She will meet with you and determine a care plan that best suits your comfort level and your livestock needs.

Big kids get love too 

All Sizes and Breeds (Ranch/Farm too!)


Pets can have behavioral issues such as aggression, or anxiety. Many develop medical issues and need medication such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney Failure, or Epilepsy. As pets get older they also develop issues such as arthritis,  sight & hearing reduction or loss.


It is hard enough to be able to leave your pet but when your pet is a “Special Needs” pet that makes the task even more difficult.  Kerri knows how hard it is to find somebody to be able to take care of them, understand their needs & be able to administer their medication. 


Special Needs & Senior Animal's Welcome

Canine Hairdresser

If your pet needs transportation to the veterinarian, groomer, boarding, training, spa or a play date, we will pick him or her up and deliver your treasured pet where they need to go. 

When you just need a ride! 

Pet Transportation 

Dogs with Dog Walker

We know how to show your pet a great time. Each visit includes walking, playing and lovin’ — and we’ll prove it with a detailed, personalized update.

We all need a break :) 

Dog Walking 

dogs in robes

Whether you live in a neighborhood home, gated community, apartment or condo, we’ll come to you. Your home is the best place to keep your pet comfortable and happy.

We will go to you

Pet Sitting at Your Home